10 Facts About Me – Welcome to Nataschaheart ♥️

Since I just started this blog and my about me tab does not give that much detailed information about myself, I thought I’d present myself in my first blog post:

1. My full name is Natascha Götzken, but I mainly go by Natascha Goe on social media because the ö does not make my name very international and the shorter version is easier to remember.

2. I was born on March, 2nd 1999 in Cologne, Germany.

3. I’ll graduate in 2017.

4. Ever since I can remember, I dreamt of living in or even visiting Los Angeles and I hope to go there soon.

5. I came up with nataschaheart while creating a Spotify account because I had lost the password to my other account named nataschagoe.

6. My music taste is all over the place and I often go through phases but currently, my favorite artists are The Weeknd, G-Eazy, and Blackbear.

7. I don’t know how it ended up like this but you’ll only find about 5 colored clothing items in my closet, the rest is black, white or gray. Buuut I’m trying to change that hahaha.

8. I’m not that much of a movie person. There surely are a few movies I enjoy but especially when they’re on TV I just can’t stay focused and get distracted by my phone.
Also, I’ve never watched a single episode of shows like Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars or 13 Reasons Why because shows usually don’t really catch me either.

9. My childhood heroes were Hannah Montana, Kim Possible, and the Winx Club fairies.

10. I go through phases where I am so obsessed with having a great Instagram feed and I go through other phases where I couldn’t care less.


I hope this gave you a better insight on my person, for now. You’ll definitely get to know me better in my upcoming posts, this is just the beginning,

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