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In July as well as August it was about time for me to spend all my money on make up (again).
Just when I thought my make up obsession was left in my past it hit me again, and this time even harder.
Buuut this time I was smart(er-ish) and invested in higher quality products that are suitable for every day. šŸ’”


The one thing I was the most excited for out of all my purchases was theĀ Anastasia Beverly HillsĀ ModernĀ Renaissance Palette. Even though I veeery rarely ever wear eyeshadow on a daily basis I thought this might make me get started with it as the colors in thisĀ palette offer so many possibilities from a smoky night look to aĀ natural look for every day. Especially the pinks in it have been calling my name over the past few weeks and after hearing exclusively amazing things about this palette I just had to get my hands on it and what can I say, it’s definitely the most beautiful palette I’ve ever seen and I’m not only talking about the eyeshadows.Ā (A+ for packaging, Mrs. Soare)








Theeen I bought another palette because I’ve also wanted this for the longest time (and I just felt like treating myself this month, I cannotĀ lie). šŸ’šŸ½
I’ve known the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette since forever I feel like because it appears in literally every single make up collection video I’ve seen on YouTube and, I honestly feel like this palette was made for me because the colors in it are so right up my alley and, just like the Anastasia palette, exactly what I was looking for: great quality shadows for every day (and night) use.




Can you believe it? I have another, well actually two, Anastasia Beverly Hills products to show you. I mean, how can you not buy at least one Anastasia Beverly Hills brow product? Anastasia has made her way into my heart because, even though I only have a few of her products right now, I adore every single one of them and I admire her as a person overall.
I’ve been a not-so-secret admirer of the Dipbrow Pomade for years now but I didn’t want my first pomade to be a high end one because I wanted to practice first and the Dipbrow Pomade seemed very intimidating to me. But now I’m safe to say that I have (kind of) mastered the art of doing eyebrows with it and I’m sooo glad I finally invested in it. Though I’d say practice with this specific product is definitely needed because this product is so highly pigmented. However, I used it for the first time when I did my make up for prom and it actually turned out great.
To go with that, I boughtĀ Anastasias 7B brushĀ because its super thin brush makes applying this product so much easier.






July was the month I discovered false lashes for me. The first lashes I got were the Ardell Demi Wispies, which I own two pairs of by now and which I also wore to prom.
But because I also wanted to have some natural lashes, I got the Ardell 151 Soft Touch NaturalsĀ for everyday wear.








I also finally gave in to my desire of buying MACs Velvet TeddyĀ lipstick because it’s just a staple product and actually my favorite lipstick right now (so basic, I know).










And along with that I bought Modesty because the color is beautiful and I love the Cremesheen finish.






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