My Latest Shoe Purchases

I don’t think I’ve ever bought as many shoes in my whole life as I did within the past months.
I literally went from buying one pair each season (at most!) to buying four pairs in just one (so yes, four is a lot for me). 😄

Let me tell you: I have developed a sneaker obsession, especially with Puma, as you’ll see in this post.

The first sneaker that I got my hands on after turning 18 was the white Puma Basket Heart Patent I’ve been obsessed with for a while even though the bow turned me off at first, I can’t remember why though, because now I am in love with them, they bring structure to your outfit and make a total eye catcher! My favorite way to wear them is with black or white pants and an eye-catching-but-not-too-eye-catching top like an off the shoulder top.


Another shoe that I definitely didn’t think I’d buy when I first saw it was the Puma Fierce Core because I thought it’d make me look like a wannabe Kylie Jenner, which is not really the kind of look I’m going for right now (love Kylie, though).
However, I changed my mind when I saw Pamela Reif wearing them because she made them look so different and she actually made me fall in love with the black-golden one eventually.
Also, this didn’t end up being the only pair I bought. A few weeks later, when the Fibo took place in Cologne, my friend was kind enough to get me the white-golden one as well, I honestly don’t know what exactly made me change my mind but I’m so glad I purchased them because they are not only gorgeous but also the lightest shoes I have ever owned. However, I don’t wear them out as much as I wear them to the gym because I love working out in them as they’re super lightweight and just fit my workout clothes perfectly.


When I saw that Puma had released new Creepers, I knew I had to have them. This time it was love at first sight plus I was desperately in need of new black and white shoes because my Adidas Superstar is slowly but surely saying goodbye to me. Black and white shoes, preferably striped, have become a staple piece in my closet because they literally fit anything so you get so much use out of them.

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