A Day in Münster

On September 26th, my boyfriend and I decided to spend a day in Münster, a city we’ve never been to before.

I’ve always wanted to go to Münster as my mom goes there for work purposes sometimes and she told me that Münster’s old town is one of the most beautiful old towns Germany has to offer.
And if your mom says so, it has to be true.

But of course we didn’t limit our trip to the old town because there is nothing I love more about traveling than exploring cities by just walking around.
We ended up at the Aasee eventually, where we enjoyed the beautiful sky, weather and just the overall atmosphere.

After enjoying the beautiful sight at the Aasee, we stopped at Hans im Glück, one of my favorite restaurants.
Usually, I prefer trying out local restaurants instead of eating at restaurant chains whenever I’m not in my hometown, but we were feeling it, so we went there anyway.
But hey, at least I tried a new meal from their menu.
Since I’ve never had any of their salads before, I went with the “Bravur” salad this time and yes, it tastes just as good as it looks.

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