Of Christmas Spirit and Santa

The days are getting colder and colder so my clothes are getting warmer and warmer.

As I’ve told you before, my Christmas spirit is out of control right now (and so are my spendings for winter clothes… help me).
My latest obsession: faux fur coats, but honestly, how can you not be obsessed?
Fluffy, cozy clothes are everything during the colder months but you obviously also want to look stylish, so faux fur coats are a great way to bring the right amount of fluff and coziness into your outfit while looking good.

H&M has been killing the game lately, I feel like 85% of my winter clothes are from H&M…
Just like this coat, which I’m absolutely obsessed with at the moment. Maybe it’s because it gives me mayor Christmas vibes
(hi Santa 🎅🏼), maybe it’s because I love the color red, maybe it’s both… who knows.

Today’s weather wasn’t the best but that’s what you have to expect in Cologne in November.
First of all, we went to Starbucks to get some hot drinks to heat us up and afterward we took the train to the Flora to shoot today’s look.

Whenever I’m in Cologne, I will end up at the Cathedral eventually. This time it was no different so we also shot some photos there.

shop this look: boots
(Even though I just bought this coat a few days ago I can’t find it anywhere online and the backpack is from Zara but I bought it back in 2015. 😕)

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36 responses to “Of Christmas Spirit and Santa”

  1. April Basi says:

    O yes I love red also!! That color is everything on you


  2. Tina says:

    oh wow, bin deine Looks sind so cool Liebe deinen Style – nur weiter so.


  3. Julia says:

    Tolle Fotos mit schönem Hintergrund! Der Mantel ist ja toll! Steht dir übrigens sehr gut!
    Liebe Grüße, Julia

  4. Kim says:

    Perfect Look in a perfect spot! Looking awesome & enjoy the christmas time lovely one!

    xx Kim from fifteenminfame.com

  5. […] some errands before. I went to an H&M store to check for the item number of my red coat from my previous post because I can’t find it anywhere online and clever me threw away the price tag where the […]

  6. Lea says:

    Such an cute Look ! Perfect for christmas ! xx


  7. That coat immediately calls for xams days!! love it xx

  8. Erudipedia says:

    Wow is so perfect for Christmas

  9. You look fabulous and I love the red coat and I don’t even like faux fur!!

  10. Anna says:

    So ein schönes Outfit 🙂 der rote Mantel ist wirklich wunderschön 🙂 xxx

  11. DEMELER says:

    lovely post! that jacket is great too

  12. Racquel John says:

    Love, love, love this coat!


  13. Emilie says:

    Love this coat! The colour and faux fur are just stunning on you! And could not agree more about h&m, they are definitely my go to this season x


  14. Christina says:

    That coat is amazing! I’m obsessed.

  15. Wow! Such beautiful scenery! I love your outfit. That red coat is to dye forrrrr! Loving the color. Thanks for sharing Xo

  16. Eleni says:

    I love the jacket… I was going to buy one but in light blue!…

    Btw, I just saw your boots and I just found a copycat from the Givenchy biker boots for a very good price. Take a look at my link below!

  17. lau says:

    i share this xmas spirit (out of control) attitude!! And girl i love those shoes!!


  18. Alice says:

    Beautiful photos! I totally get your obsession, I actually have a faux fur coat exactly like that but in green! We would look so festive together!!!

  19. Lisa says:

    The cathedral is beauuutiful and I love your coat!! Perfect for Christmas!

  20. Zee says:

    Oh wow i love love love that coat it’s a pity you can’t find it anywhere probably sold out😔

    • nataschaheart nataschaheart says:

      I’m going to keep looking out for it. Since I bought mine in store, you might find it there but as soon as I find the link I’m going to add it to this post. 😇

  21. Charlene says:

    I am obsessing over your jacket! It’s amazing!


  22. Joan Cajic says:

    Loooove the coat and the colour, it looks so warm and comfy I need one.

  23. Chloe says:

    This coat looks gorgeous on you! I love the vibrant red color! LOVE your buckle booties too! I’ve always wanted those pairs! 🙂

    xo, Chloe // https://funinthecloset.com/off-shoulders-fall/

  24. marissa says:

    this is such an awesome coat! great for the holidays too.

  25. That coat is bae !

  26. Sheila Price says:

    Just LOVE this coat! You look amazing and it really pops in all of these settings

  27. I love that coat, so sad you can’t find it anywhere, but love the outfit!

  28. I love your photos! Great coat!

  29. bhavana says:

    just loveeee that coat girl!
    i went to H&M the other day and was floored with their collection… and this color is so snatch!

  30. Samantha Gerrard says:

    Must frankly admit that you are indeed beautiful. Your dress sense and the way the photos are shot make you much more beautiful.

  31. Nike says:

    Love ya Posts ! And your pictures are fantastic! Keep on going, your going the right way! 🧡🦖

  32. Sandy says:

    Love the coat! annnnd I love the cathedral- I think I need to go to Cologne now (hopefully in a faux fur coat!)

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