What I Don’t Want to Miss in Winter

Winter is finally here and, most importantly, Christmas time is here. Now you can’t deny nor escape from it.

Today is December 6th, Nikolaus, as we say and celebrate in Germany. An dieser Stelle einen schönen Nikolaus an alle Deutschen Leser. 🎅🏼

There are certain things I connect with the colder season and the holidays and whenever October turns to November I get that burst of excitement to get out everything Christmas and winter related.
There are very few things I love more than chains of lights. I got this amazing chain from Depot last year. It has prisms on it and I instantly fell in love. Though I didn’t hang it up last year (because I didn’t know how and where), I decided to hang it on my bed’s headboard this time and I’m so obsessed. It makes my bed look 10 times more cozy and festive and I love having these lights on while laying in bed on my laptop or phone.

You know what makes laying in there even more cozy? Having a hot chocolate next to you. I love love love love hot chocolate, especially with marshmallows (but no whipped cream) on top! 🤤
It instantly puts me in the most wintery mood and there’s no better feeling than being warmed from the inside by something so delicious.

Christmas markets (duh). This makes me so glad I live in Germany, particularly in Cologne – even though it’s on my bucket list to visit other country’s Christmas markets as well. Everyone loves them for obvious reasons. The atmosphere is unbeatable but especially the ones in Cologne are often so overfilled, but for me, it belongs to the whole Christmas market experience because I don’t know it any different.

Along with that, I love Christmas songs so much. I don’t know why, but I can’t listen to All I Want For Christmas, Last Christmas etc. enough for me to be over them.

Check out my Christmas playlist here.

There’s nothing I reach for more often (okay, maybe my phone) than hand lotion and lip balm. They’re must carry items in the colder seasons and I always have them around somewhere. I don’t have a favorite hand lotion, which is why I settled for the Balea Olive hand lotion for now (I’m open for recommendations!) but my all time favorite lip balms are EOS, even though most people won’t understand this. They moisturize my lips so well and I love the scents, especially the vanilla mint one. 😍

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15 responses to “What I Don’t Want to Miss in Winter”

  1. Lauren says:

    hot chocolate is the best in winter! getting cozy under blankets too <3

  2. Kyia says:

    Aww this post symbolizes everything about winter! I love it! Hot chocolate on a cold day is my fave too!

  3. Jenna says:

    I love your little lights. they are beautiful and what a wonderful idea to hand them over your bed. I might steal (i mean borrow – wink) your idea. Love it!!

  4. Adrian K. says:

    Christmas songs…Well, during this time of year, my favorite radio station broadcasts daily and non-stop your playlist thus I am quite sure that Christmas is coming!

  5. Tanisha says:

    I don’t love hot chocolate but I find adding bailey irish cream to it does just the trick for those cold winter nights.

  6. Courtney says:

    These are things i can’t miss either. Hot chocolate and pretty fairy lights are awesome for decorating.

  7. I love your blog layout and I love this post! Hot chocolate is my fave during the winter and your makeup bag is the cutest!

  8. You have a beautiful blog! I would love to visit many Christmas markets in Europe particularly in Germany, my heritage is German! A big yes to both hot chocolate and to hand lotions and lip balm come the cold winter days outdoors. Good topic.

  9. nikhila says:

    The pictures are so easy on the eyes! Great blog!

  10. Penny says:

    I’m more of a spring person but I’m always craving for winter for hot chocolate, Christmas trees, jackets!!!

  11. Alice says:

    Currently listening to your Christmas playlist! I tried to click it and it opened up my spotify app, but for some reason your playlist didn’t pop up so I had to manually search your name. Just wanted to let you know! Otherwise, great post!!

  12. I don’t want to miss the warm cozy feel of home, steaming hot choco, and crackling fireplace when it’s cold outside.

  13. Gibbs says:

    Pentatonix Christmas music is awesome. I also enjoy Michael Buble. I have to think of shopping still…hope there is time.

  14. Who needs whip cream when you have marshmallows! I am currently obsessed with Penetonix Christmas album! I highly recommend it!

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