Weekly Update #3

4. December – 10. December 2017
 Cologne, Germany

my eighth day at the gym

I went to the gym – again – because I wanted to start with my weekly routine. I met my friend Aaron there and we had a lower body workout.

Monday wasn’t too exciting, though. I went to work in the afternoon and met my friend Rebecca afterward to talk about life. I’m so blessed to have such great friends.

cutting and video preparations

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen that I consider starting to vlog and since so many of you said they’re down for vlogs – especially Christmas/winter vlogs – I want to start very soon. I’m so excited! Because I want to produce great content, I started with the preparations and spent hours on the internet searching for sound effects, background music, and reaction clips and basically spent the whole day cutting audio data. Here’s to those who say creating videos isn’t time-consuming, it took me two to three hours to cut a 10-minute audio into single clips. But I had so much fun doing it so I won’t complain, I just completely lost track of time. 😄

My sleep schedule is so incredibly messed up at the moment. I noticed that going to the gym 8 days in a row is very exhausting, I had zero energy. I almost went to bed at 10 but could not fall asleep until 2 and I already knew my mom would wake me up at 7:15 to say goodbye (she was on a working trip until Friday).


more video preparations

This tweet probably sums up Wednesday the best.
Wednesday was December 6th – Nikolaus day – so it was okay to indulge….

Wednesday was my day off and since I couldn’t fall back asleep at 7:15, I had more than enough time to search for more background music and edit more audio and video data and… well, eat. I have so many visions and ideas for my videos and I’m so excited to finally put them into action. It’s my goal to focus more on vlogging in 2018 and I’m very optimistic.

By the way, if you want to subscribe to my YouTube channel already, you can do it here.

Because there’s nothing I love more in the wintertime than hot chocolate, I made myself the best hot chocolate I’ve had in a while, ate the obligatory Nikolaus my mom surprised me with today (it was by Lindt, honestly the best) and shot/edited some photos for my recent blog post.
Other than that, I decided to spend the rest of the day on YouTube to get inspired and to just relax honestly because I was so exhausted from the last week and days. Watching other people’s vlogmas videos makes me want to start vlogging right away but I literally do nothing exciting most of the time so I think I’ll do a full vlogmas series next year. But, like I said, there are some videos coming this month (hopefully). 🤞🏼


back at the gym

Besides Wednesday, I also had a day off on Thursday. Even though I didn’t wake up as energized as I wanted to, I headed to the gym because I knew I’d feel gross if I didn’t.

Leg day was on Monday, so I continued with my upper body workout today and worked out with Jasmin. My workout routine is all over the place this week again but you’ll see. 🙂 I swear I have it together most of the times.

Other than that, I ate and ate and ate and ate. I don’t know what’s wrong with me at the moment but I just can’t stop eating.

Even though I got tired very early again, at around 9 pm I had a blog post idea and actually finished the whole blog post in one hour… I was so proud of myself.
Then, so many more ideas came into my mind and I started writing some more blog posts but didn’t finish them, which is okay and I eventually went to bed at 2. 😅


cardio day

I felt so gross from eating so much so I went to the gym and had my 45-minute cardio session. I spent 20 of them on the Stairmaster and let me tell you: I almost died. But it was so worth it. I didn’t know how much I missed the after-cardio feeling but I’m so glad to be back on track.

Work was calling again so I worked from 17 to 20. I had so many nice customers this week, which makes me so incredibly happy. Even though Friday was my down day due to personal reasons, talking to them still made me smile.

Even though I want to spread positivity on my blog and focus on the great things in life, I won’t hide that I felt very bad on Friday, had a breakdown in the car (never cry and drive, guys) and spent the whole evening alone in my bed, because I also want to keep my blog authentic. I usually watch tv with my mom but I just couldn’t get out of bed.


quality time with the fam

Saturday was off to an amazing start because I barely felt better than on Friday and I had to work six hours. I generally don’t mind working six or more hours but on Saturday that was the last thing I wanted to do. But I went anyways because I wanted to distract myself from my sadness and it’s also an amazing way to distract yourself from checking your phone. Which is my favorite thing about working, honestly – being disconnected.

Rebecca (who is my grand-cousin but I mostly refer to her as a friend) and her mom picked me up from work afterward and we met my mom at the train station to go Christmas Market hopping in Cologne and it was the best idea.

We started at the Cologne Cathedral and worked our way through. My favorite thing about this Christmas Market is the giant Christmas tree and the lights hanging above our heads. It creates such a magical atmosphere.

Then we moved on and came across a little market consisting entirely of eating or drinking stalls where I had the first Glühwein of the year.

Then, we arrived at the old town Christmas market – the “Heimat der Heinzel” – where we had dinner. Rebecca and I had garlic bread with quark and shrimps. 🤤

And, lastly, we went to my favorite Christmas market the “Markt der Engel” (“Market of Angels”) at the Neumarkt.


more Christmas market hopping

My day started off amazing, I won a 10€ bakery gift card in my Lions Club advent calendar and I think I’ll invite my mom and grandma to a breakfast in the upcoming weeks. 🤔

Other than that I received a text from my grandma asking me to check if she had blown out a candle in her kitchen before she headed out. It was snowing like crazy, she lives about 10 minutes away from us, but I obviously went to check – I mean, I didn’t even have a chance not to – and what did I see? A blown out candle. The things you do for your family… thanks, grandma.

In the afternoon I met my dad and his girlfriend and we went Christmas market hopping again. This time we started at the Rheinauhafen, the “Hafenweihnachtsmarkt” (“Harbor Christmas market”) which I love not only because it’s located in my favorite place in Cologne – the Rheinauhafen – but also because it’s not your typical Christmas market.

We had chestnuts – my favorite winter food – and the obligatory Glühwein. 🤤

I was honestly just waiting for me to spill the Glühwein all over my coat but luckily I didn’t.

Then we moved on to the Heumarkt, where I tried my first Eierpunsch and watched the ice skaters.

The last Christmas market we went to was Christmas Avenue, Cologne’s gay and lesbian Christmas market and they sold pink Glühwein, so I obviously had to try it.

I was so exhausted and went straight to bed as soon as I got home, which is why this blog post didn’t go up on Sunday.

I want to add that I rarely ever drink alcohol (only on special occasions) and I’m not trying to promote drinking in any way. For us and many others, Glühwein and Eierpunsch belong to Christmas markets just like candied almonds.

playlist of the month

My Christmas playlist, what else? 🤷🏽‍♀️ But I also have another playlist where I put on un-Christmassy songs as well.

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