Weekly Update #5

18. December – 24. December 2017
 Cologne, Germany

quality time with my boyfriend

Monday started off just like (almost) any other day in my life: waking up early unintentionally and going to the gym. Monday was upper body day and I have found a new favorite exercise: pull-ups!
Can you believe that in my 4 years of going to the gym I did not do a single pull-up until a few weeks ago? Though the last reps are always tough, they have become my new favorite exercise for my upper body.

Since my boyfriend got off work when it was completely dark outside, we couldn’t shoot on Monday but that way I had more time to plan what kind of photos I want.

However, we still enjoyed the evening at the Christmas Market at the harbor and went for a walk along the Rheinauhafen and started re-watching the last season of How I Met Your Mother.


walking and more walking

19.204, that’s how many steps I took on Tuesday. Though we only got out of bed at 11, we had lunch – well brunch actually because we didn’t have breakfast – at 12 at one of my favorite restaurants: Okinii.

Then we ended up at the Rheinauhafen again while looking for a great photo location to shoot the photos for this week’s blog post and when we were done we went up the Köln Triangle to enjoy the view over the foggy but still beautiful city.

We walked back over the Hohenzollern Bridge and took the train home because, like I mentioned before, we took a lot of steps – even though it doesn’t seem like it in this post – and I was extremely tired.

In the evening I worked on my latest blog post and went to bed quite early.


quality time with my grandma

I actually haven’t hung out with my grandma in so long so I visited her on Wednesday to chat and have lunch.

I stayed at her’s for about 4 hours and then drove home because I didn’t apply to university yet. I really wanted to get it done before Christmas so I sat down and applied on Wednesday and it felt so good to finally get it done.

Afterwards, I went and got another Christmas gift for my mom – which was also the last present I needed to get – and worked from 18:00 to 20:00.


Christmas gift wrapping and working

The day started off amazing: I got woken up by car horns at 7:50 and couldn’t fall back asleep. The good thing: that way I had more than enough time to get some Christmas cards and other things I needed to wrap the Christmas presents.

I spent the whole morning wrapping Christmas presents and writing Christmas cards – oh, how I love this season – but also really had to clean my room afterward.

Besides the Christmas stuff, I also finally got a new planner for 2018, which I was so happy about.

Since I was extremely tired I didn’t do any more exciting things besides taking photos for upcoming blog posts, writing them and filling in my planner, of course.


deep thoughts and fondue

Today, the car horns woke me up at around 7. That’s what I hate about living right next to a busy road where there’s a lot of traffic in the mornings. Besides, I also never understood the concept of hooting in a traffic jam. Why?

I stayed up a little longer than I wanted to because I stumbled upon a few stories of teens fighting cancer and it really opened my eyes and I want to share my thoughts with you.

A lot of people out there are struggling with diseases and going through so much just to achieve something – or at least the feeling of it – so many others take for granted: being healthy.

So many of us – including myself – tend to live more in the future than in the present. We all have or are trying to get our visions of what we want to do or be in the future and although having plans for the future is great, we often forget to enjoy what we have right now and just live in the moment.

The most important thing in life is to enjoy it because we’re only here for so long and we should make it a good time.

I read about someone who’s fighting cancer and who claimed that he can die in peace because he lived the best 20 years anyone could have lived as he had a loving family and friends who were always by his side and that actually brought tears to my eyes because I always said that I can’t wait to be in my 20s to live life to the fullest as if turning 20 or older is guaranteed. Thankfully, the chances are quite high but still, we never know when it could be all over.

I hope you get what I’m trying to say, I just wanted to throw this in here because it made me reevaluate my life and actually kept me up for quite a long time.

Since I was fairly tired from staying up until 1, I started my day off a little different than usual: with a cup of coffee.
Crazy, I know. No, but really, I don’t remember the last time I drank coffee in the morning… probably at Starbucks at the airport when we waited for boarding our plane to Lanzarote in October last year

In my previous Weekly Update, I wrote about how we bought our Christmas tree on WEDNESDAY the 13th… and on FRIDAY the 22nd, my mom and I finally managed to put it up… I honestly didn’t think we would be this late this year but here we are.

However, the most important thing is that it’s up now and that it’s staying for a while.

I spent the evening at my dad’s and we had dinner together and celebrated Christmas a little bit earlier because I’m not sure if I’ll be able to visit him in the next days.


decorating our Christmas tree

I spent the whole morning deep cleaning my room. Even though it took me a good 3 hours, I’m so glad I did because there aren’t a lot of things I love more than a perfectly clean room.

In the afternoon, it was about time for my mom and me to finally decorate our Christmas tree and when we were done, I met my boyfriend and ran some errands that needed to be done before Christmas and actually went to Toys”R”Us for the… third, fourth time maybe, in my life. Even though I had an amazing childhood, we never went to Toys”R”Us and I missed out on so much, but that was no surprise. It’s okay though because it was probably for the better… at least for my parents’ bank accounts.


Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas!

It’s finally Christmas Eve but I felt so much less Christmassy than the last weeks.

First, I accompanied my boyfriend to work, which thankfully didn’t take that long, and spent the afternoon with him. I had to say goodbye to him in the late afternoon because he spent the evening with his family at home. Then my mom and I walked ovre to my grandma’s and spent the evening at my hers, we had raclette for dinner and it was so good. 🤤

We seriously had the best Christmas Eve and I can’t wait for the next two Christmas days.


playlist of the month

My Christmas playlist, what else? 🤷🏽‍♀️ But I also have another playlist where I put on un-Christmassy songs as well.


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  2. Ashton says:

    I am glad you had a great christmas eve. I hope you had a lovely christmas day and enjoy the rest of your holidays

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