My New Years Resolutions for 2018

It’s that time of the year again: time for New Year’s Resolutions!

I actually like setting goals and trying to reach them throughout the whole year better than waiting until New Years but I thought this would be a nice time to share my goals for the next year with you.

work on nataschaheart

I came so much further with my blog this year, it’s so crazy to think that when I started my first blog in… I think it was November of 2016 I didn’t know how much of a passion it’s going to be and that it will play such a big role in my life. I grew and learned so much since then but I deleted it this summer because it really was just for me to figure out whether or not I want to do it and I don’t even remember what made me think about starting to blog but I’m so glad I had that thought. I’ve improved my blogging skills so much ever since my first post in May and I can’t wait to improve them even more in 2018.

But for me, nataschaheart is not only my blog but everything concerning my online presence so my blog, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube etc.

Besides blogging, I really want to focus on vlogging as well. I love YouTube and I love editing videos so much – probably even more than I love editing photos – so I want to put my heart into not only my blog posts and photos but also into amazing videos. Ahhh I’m so excited you don’t even know.

And lastly, my beloved Instagram. It’s my favorite social media but also the hardest to keep up with because I don’t want to just post anything, I want to produce high-quality content and have thoughts behind my photos. What I hate about it is that I have to rely on others to get most of these photos taken but since basically everyone I know is busy with work or university and in the winter time it’s already dark outside when they are done, taking photos is not that simple but I’m working on it. You have no idea how much it bugs me to see that I haven’t posted a photo in a few days.


attend university

I’m starting half a year later that I wanted to because I started an integrated degree program at the tax office in September but quit quite quickly because I just didn’t see myself there.
Though I left just before October, I couldn’t apply for university – obviously – because it was too late so I had to wait until December to apply and start in April.
But I’m not mad because in October I had no idea what I wanted to study, anyway. Now I’m applying for B.A. and I hope it was the right choice.

It’s so weird but I always wanted to go to university and live the uni life and I’m so excited I can finally do that in 2018.



Traveling is such a basic New Years Resolution but I can’t help it, there are so many places I want to visit and I know I won’t see all of them in 2018 but that’s okay.
However, I’m dreaming of visiting Scandinavia next summer or Ischgl in the winter.

I also want to go on more smaller trips like spending a weekend in Amsterdam or Brussels or a German city like Munich or Hamburg because you often don’t need to travel far away to see nice places.
Another thing I already wanted to do in 2017 but sadly didn’t do is taking a random freeway and end up in a random city as I think it’s the perfect way to discover new places you probably wouldn’t even think about visiting in the first place.

If I’m on a longer trip to a different country I want to do this as well because even though Stockholm, Paris, Milan, etc. are cities I really want to see, I think it’d be cool to take a random freeway and end up in a city you wouldn’t normally visit.



Another super basic New Years Resolution, I know. But can you believe that I didn’t read any books this year except for the ones I had to read for school?
Neither can I. I love reading but I just don’t find the time. I doubt I’ll have time when I’m starting university so I want to read at least one book before April. Preferably more. If you have any recommendations, let me know!


stay healthy

I know there are some things you can’t control but I do what I can – let’s say I do my best – to stay healthy. I’m so proud I managed to keep up with my gym routine this year and I’m very optimistic I’ll keep up with it in 2018 as well.
When it comes to food I generally prefer eating healthy but I’m that type of person who eats chocolate if I want to eat chocolate and who lets herself eat tacos if I want to and even though sometimes I feel gross afterward or feel like I gained 10 pounds from that day, I can still look in the mirror and say that there’s no need for me to feel guilty the next day so I don’t want to be too hard on myself because we only live once and I don’t want to miss out on good food.


stay organized

This is a big part of my life, whether this means keeping track of my appointments or the other kind of organization like my desk organization.
I’m that type of person who loves organizing and planning everything out but, for some reason, I still don’t get it done properly most of the times.


less procrastination

Preferably none at all but I want to set realistic goals.

I was the biggest procrastinator in 2017. It was already my New Years Resolution for 2017 to stop procrastinating and I actually got control of it at first – until I started studying for my Abitur in April. The funniest thing is that every time I procrastinated I knew I was going to hate myself for it in a few hours but for some reason, I kept doing it over and over and over again and got under time pressure eventually.

In 2018 I want to start doing things right away again and actually keep it that way for good. Wish me luck. 🤞🏼


spread positivity

I don’t think there is any compliment I’d rather receive than “you make me happy”. We live in a world where most people are so self-centered – which isn’t always bad, don’t get me wrong, most of my goals are about focussing on myself… and this one kinda is as well – that we are very likely to forget to give something back.

It’s often the little things that put smiles on people’s faces, whether it’s giving a compliment or even a simple smile, there are so many opportunities to spread positivity and I want to take as many as I can.

have fun

Even though I have a lot planned and coming up in the new year, I still want to enjoy and live my life to the fullest in every second of it because wasting my time is one of the things I’m most afraid of. Our time on earth is so precious and I don’t want to waste mine on insignificant things.


What are your New Years Resolutions? Let me know!


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  4. Kara Aragon says:

    Great list of resolutions. Stay Healthy & Stop procrastinating are def two of my top ones for 2018, & every year. Hopefully I’ll do better this coming year! Good luck & hope you have a great year.

    Kara Aragon

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