Weekly Update #6

25. – 30. December 2017
 Cologne, Germany

Christmas celebration at my aunt’s

We spent the day at my aunt’s. We drank coffee & Champagne – well everyone except for me did because I had to drive us home – and ate her incredible apple pie.

It was so nice to sit together and talk about life and our family and we had such a great time. We stayed until evening, also had dinner at hers but I couldn’t take photos of it because the lighting was so bad. She made pastries with chicken fricassee and it was just as delicious as it sounds. 🤤


Christmas celebration at my boyfriend’s

Even though we’ve already seen each other on Sunday, we celebrated Christmas on Tuesday. He also didn’t want his present on Sunday because he wanted to get in the Christmas mood before receiving it and since he had to work on Sunday, I can totally understand that he didn’t get in the mood so we celebrated and handed out our presents on Tuesday. By the way, check out my recent blog post if you want to know what I got for Christmas.
I spent the evening with my dad again and tried to go to bed early but ended up staying up until 1 am, I really need to work on that, especially because for some reason I always woke up at 8 in the last few days.


working out again & planning Paris

As you’ve probably already noticed, I haven’t been to the gym for quite some time now so I decided to go on Wednesday and did my lower body workout. Afterward, my boyfriend came over and we talked about what we’re going to do/see in Paris and where we are watching the fireworks on Sunday and oh my God it’s going to be the perfect trip, I’m so excited!! 😍


watching St
ar Wars

I went to the gym again and did my upper body routine. When I got home I worked on my recent blog post and when I was done at around 16:15, I had to hurry up because my dad wanted to pick me up at 16:30 and I was still in my sweatpants. However, I somehow made it more or less punctually. He only had to wait about 2 minutes. 😅

We drove to the cinema and watched Star Wars – which we were both super excited about – and we weren’t disappointed. Highly recommend you to watch it!


the never-ending day

Friday was one of those never-ending days. I woke up at 8 again and couldn’t fall back asleep so I had more than enough time to do things I needed to do. Such as chores.

One of my New Years Resolutions – as you may know – is to procrastinate less and I’m already at it. I tidied up my room & the kitchen and worked on upcoming posts. I actually wanted to shoot today but nobody had time for me so I couldn’t and I basically spent the whole afternoon on social media and watching vlogs.


work, work, work

This is the last day of this Weekly Update because we’re heading to Paris on Sunday so Sunday will be part of my Paris Diary already. 😏

You might have noticed that I didn’t work in a while which I wasn’t too mad about but on Saturday I went all in and worked from 11:00 until 20:00 and I was quite exhausted afterward.

My boyfriend came to visit me on my break and we ate lunch together and he also picked me up from work so we could spend some evening hours together. It’s not like we’re seeing each other for 4 days straight from tomorrow on… 😄


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  1. Sharan says:

    Seemed like a great week! Hope you have a fab time in Paris!


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