Weekly Update 2/2018

8. January – 14. January 2018


I decided to change the enumeration of my weekly updates to the week of the year because this way it’s so much easier for me to keep up with it and I hope it makes it easier for you as well…

By the way, are you following my Instagram already? If not, you can do it here. One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to post there every day or at least every other day and I’m doing quite well so far. 😌

This is the first actual Weekly Update of 2018 since my Paris Diary replaced 1/2018. So… let’s see what I did in the second week of 2018. 🤔

quality time at my grandma’s

My boyfriend slept over at my place but had to get up at 7 as he had an appointment so I woke up early as well. I had an appointment at 11 and since I couldn’t fall back asleep, I had more than enough time to do the chores, my makeup, plan out my outfit and the photo I want in the meantime.

I hadn’t seen my grandma in so long, so I decided to visit her. I’ve already sent her a few photos from Paris while we were there but I didn’t tell her much about our trip yet so we had a loooot to talk about.

Besides, I was too tired to do anything else so I just did some more chores when I got home. I also had to bring my black boots back to life again because the French rain did some damage to them but now they look brand new again! 😌

exploring Cologne

I had another appointment in the morning and met my boyfriend afterward to take the train to the city. I really wanted to go to Ehrenfeld because I haven’t been there in over a year while my boyfriend is there quite often but has basically never seen the district by day. I actually really like Ehrenfeld because of the pretty houses and streets but I only go there about once a year – at most – because I never party in clubs nor have any other reason to go there.

Anyway, Tuesday was the one day and I might start going there more often… We took some photos, strolled through the streets and enjoyed the – to our surprise – beautiful, not rainy weather.

Afterward, we took the train to the central station, got some food and headed to the Schildergasse & Hohe Straße to get some things.

upper body day

I went to the gym again and trained my upper body, when I was done I needed to visit my grandma again because I had to pick up a document and she also made me lunch: rice with chestnuts and ham cubes, foods that go surprisingly well together. I love chestnuts so much and they’re the one food I look forward to every winter but I rarely ate them this winter and I don’t even know why.

However, I couldn’t stay at my grandma’s for too long because I had to work at 17:00 and still needed to shower and get ready.

a day at Phantasialand

My boyfriend and I spent the day at Phantasialand, a place we connect with a lot of emotions. We’ve already been there two times last summer but this time was the first time we went there as a couple.

Even though it was way too warm to get into the whole winter mood, we still had such a great time. My boyfriend has only been to the Wintertraum once in his life while I’ve been there basically every year. 😅

What I love most about the Wintertraum is definitely the food! They have a lot more options of actual food, as I like to call it, in the winter time. They have churros, crêpes, waffles, noodles etc. all year round but in the winter time they also have stew served in bread, tarte flambée, salmon, and there was also a fries stall, which we got our “dinner” from.

My boyfriend went for the fries with pulled pork and mozzarella and I went for the fries with sour cream, guacamole, and salsa and they were so gooood. 🤤

the lazy day

I had nothing big planned for Friday so I made it my lazy day. I stayed in bed a bit longer, took my time to actually wake up, drank some coffee and spent a good amount of time on Instagram.

When I was more or less awake, I worked on the blog, spent some more time on Instagram but also did some chores. I actually intended to work out again on Friday but my knee hurt so bad and since I would have either trained my lower body or done cardio, I decided to stay home and give it a rest.

working day

You know that feeling when you wake up from a nap and can’t do anything because your brain feels so muddy? That’s the feeling I woke up with on Saturday. When I got up to get a cup of coffee from the kitchen – something fairly new to my morning routine – I almost ran into our wall so I went straight to bed again as soon as I grabbed it. How embarrassing… 🤦🏽‍♀️

It thankfully got better over time because I had to work for six hours, which actually came in handy as I work in a shopping center and I had to go there any way to pick up two orders, a book – The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down – and my Douglas order consisting of my favorite foundation & concealer, the Maybelline Fit Me.

Another New Year’s Resolution of mine was to read more and putting so many of my New Year’s Resolutions into action so early in the year makes me so happy.

At around 10, I picked up my boyfriend and we went to a friend’s birthday party which took place quite close to his home so I also slept over at his.

quality time with my boyfriend

Sunday was my boyfriend’s last day off so we spent the whole day together and didn’t do many eventful activities. We stayed in bed until noon, went for a walk and took some photos.

I think I might post another Behind the Scenes post soon because my boyfriend is very talented when it comes to catching my most unflattering moments while shooting. 😅 What do you think? Do you like these? If you haven’t seen my last one, you can check it out here.

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