Weekly Update 3/2018

15. January – 21 January 2018

I’m sorry there was no blog post on Wednesday, I didn’t have anything exciting to write about and I don’t want to post something just to post something.
For me, quality is so much more important than quantity when it comes to blog posts, but I still hope this is going to be one of the very few times of posting two Weekly Updates in a row.

spreading happiness

The first thing I did when I woke up was read. I started reading The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down, which is a book you need to take time for. I like to read one chapter in the morning to get inspired and to have the whole day to think about what I read.

When I was done, I had breakfast and got ready for the gym. I started the week off with a leg day and honestly, there’s no better feeling than knowing you started your week with something productive.
When I got home I didn’t really do much. The weather got worse again, it was freezing and raining so I couldn’t go out, let alone shoot some photos. 🙄

I called my grandma and we talked for a good 40 minutes, which made me so happy because I haven’t talked to her in a week and she was so happy I called her.
Honestly, I know we are often very busy and I often don’t have the time to call my relatives or if I do, it’s already in the late pm, but if you do find the time, call them, they will be so happy about it and it’ll make you happy, too. 😌

And because I just felt like doing favors, I basically cleaned & vacuumed the whole apartment and did the chores so the apartment and especially the kitchen was spick and span when my mom came home from work – and, what can I say, she was very happy about it.

staying in, again

Another day of bad weather. It was cold, hailing and, again, not possible to do much outside.

I started the day off with reading and hit the gym afterward. It was upper body day and I had a great workout. There were some times in the past weeks where I felt so unenergised that I couldn’t finish my workout properly because I felt like I’d faint if I continued, even though I always had a huge bowl of oatmeal an hour or two before working out. But on Tuesday I thankfully was able to perform the whole workout without getting weak.

Even though I couldn’t go outside, I did a lot of work inside. I actually started working on a blog post and – almost – finished it, however, I didn’t publish it yet because I still want to improve it. Like I stated before, quality over quantity. 😌

But I’m working on it and I hope I’ll be able to publish it very soon! I’m feeling so inspired lately and I can’t wait to pass on my thoughts and inspiration to you.


cardio day

Wednesday was cardio day. I used to despise cardio, but by now I actually kinda like it. I do 45 to 60 minutes but I split between two machines to make it more “interesting”. I did 25 minutes on the cross trainer and another 25 minutes on the Stairmaster, my favorite machine at the moment even though I always nearly dead afterward as it’s so exhausting.
Hence I didn’t do much else other than watching YouTube videos and stalk Instagram accounts.

running errands in hurricane Friederike

Even though the weather on Thursday was supposed to be the worst of the week – because of hurricane Friederike – my boyfriend and I decided to drive to Brühl because I had to run some errands for myself and my mom since Thursday was his day off. First I picked up the bakery gift card I won in my advent calendar – do you remember? and then I got some Carnival accessories for my mom because she asked me to pick some up.

When we were done, we decided to go for a walk and made our way to the palace garden but it was closed due to the severe weather alerts so we just strolled through Brühl’s beautiful alleys.
The weather here sure wasn’t good but honestly not as bad as I imagined, I think we were very lucky that we were spared from the worst in Brühl because I’ve seen some crazy reports about the hurricane in the news.

an uneventful day

I slept insanely bad, I was wide awake for way too long and somehow managed to fall asleep at around 2, woke up again at 5:30 and eventually at 8.

My mom had a day off so I spent it with her and we ran some more errands before I drove to work at 17:00.

working, working, working

Another very uneventful day, I woke up at 9, got ready and drove to work and worked until 20:00.
I know I’m probably the most boring blogger but that’s really all I did.

When I got home, I was so exhausted from walking around in the store for 8 hours that I just hopped onto the couch, ate – my mom thankfully made dinner which was ready right when I got home – and watched tv with her (well, I actually payed more attention to my phone).

Since I was so exhausted I actually went to bed earlier – meaning 0:30 – and slept in right away.

an afternoon by the Rhine

My boyfriend and I took the train to the central station and went for a walk along the Rhine. The weather wasn’t the best – which was no surprise – but we made the best of it. 

We walked from the main station to the Rheinauhafen, where we crossed the Rhine and made our way back to the central station via the Hohenzollern bridge.

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    Lovely pics 🙂

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