The Coziest Sweater Ever

… were all the words I had for this on Instagram.

I actually thought I was done with sweater shopping for this winter and I proudly told my mom I that am going to start saving money again because “I don’t need anything at the moment”. Little did I know how wrong I was.

I’m not too sure whether it was the same day or a few days later, it was around 17:20 and I was early for work – so weird to write this but I had to work at 18:00. Since I work in a shopping center, I had more than enough options to choose how I spend my spare time from. I decided to walk into H&M and check out their sale. I already went there just a week before only to find out that every sale item – mostly sweaters – was only available in size XS/S and since I like my sweaters a little more lose, I didn’t get anything.

I honestly expected it to be the same this time but they actually had more sizes and different items. The sweater I bought was on sale for 12€ instead of 24,99€, a size S – it’s still a little big though – and it’s made of the softest material I’ve ever felt, and I’ve felt a lot of Brandy Melville’s clothes in my life…
It’s the perfect sweater to relax in at home but it’s also the perfect sweater to wear if you want to stay comfortable on the go as it still looks put together and goes with everything.

When I looked it up online for this post, I saw that they lowered the price even more: it’s 7,99€ now! Shop it here (item number is 08-3098).

Actually, I didn’t want to make this post an advertisement for H&M but they’ve been killing it with their sweaters this season. I bought about 5 sweaters this winter and 4 of them were from H&M. Oh, how I wish this post was sponsored by H&M but it’s not. 

Before I do more unpaid advertising, I’ll come straight to the point of this post: run out (or stay in and do it online) and check out all the sales, whether it’s H&M, Zara, TopShop, whatever, because it’s very likely you’ll find something you didn’t know you needed at the best price.

Even though this winter is slowly but surely coming to an end, the next winter comes certainly. These are the moments I’m so glad I’m already all grown up because I can shamelessly buy clothes for the next year. 😄

Did you have similar sale finds? Let me know in the comments!


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