Weekly Update 6/2018

Hello there, I’m coming to you on a Monday this time but it’s better late than never.

becoming a student

As of Monday, I’m officially a student of Business Administration!
I had an appointment at university quite early so I was done with it quite early and had the whole day ahead of me. I had another appointment at the city hall and went to the gym afterward. I trained legs and booty and got back home at around 17:00 and I didn’t do much besides relaxing and stretching, which I just got into this week. I don’t know why but I’ve always neglected stretching until recently but this week I did it every evening and I’m already seeing tiny but significant improvements. You need to know that I’m probably the most unflexible person walking this earth and seeing just the tiniest improvements makes me so happy.

gym & Dark

Did I tell you how much I love training my upper body? I don’t know why but I always look forward to my upper body days more than my leg & booty days and this week I focussed more on my shoulders again because I haven’t done a lot of isolated shoulder exercises in quite a while.
In the evening, my boyfriend came over and we continued watching Dark.

a trip to winter wonderland

My boyfriend had to get up early for work and I got up early as well because I met Rebecca and we drove to Brühl. The weather was amazing and the snow looked so beautiful so we couldn’t resist taking 1000 photos.

I wore the shoes I bought last Saturday, which I also dedicated a whole blog post to.

Wednesday was my rest day because I didn’t get a lot of sleep and felt so exhausted that I decided to take a day off and hung out with my friends in the evening.

working out with Rebecca

Rebecca and I met up at noon to work out together and I introduced her to my favorite leg & booty exercises. When I got home, I quickly made myself quark with a banana and took a shower because my boyfriend came over around early afternoon.

birthday celebrations

I went to the gym in the morning, as usual, and had a shoulder focussed workout again.

For some reason, I got a huge burst of motivation concerning muscle growth/weight gain and eating extremely healthy this week. Luckily, I’ve worked on growing muscle for quite some time now and never really stopped but I want to intensify my workouts even more and eat better – which again, I already ate good and healthy most of the times, I just want to start eating even better.
I also want to bring the Fitness category back to life again and I’m super excited to start blogging about fitness again in the future!

I honestly don’t know why I decided to throw this information in on Friday because ironically, I ate reaaaally good – not necessarily healthy – on Friday night but if you really think I can control myself when there’s a huge bowl of tortilla chips right in front of me then thank you, but I really can’t.

That being said, it was my friend Sophia’s birthday on Saturday but we met on Friday evening to celebrate into her birthday.


I left Sophia’s place at around 0:20 because she and another friend of mine decided to drive to the city and celebrate as it’s also Karneval here. Since I’m not too much of a party-in-the-city-person, I made my way home and picked up my boyfriend on the way.

We slept surprisingly long – about 9 hours – but said goodbye quite early so I went to the gym after breakfast, did exactly 45 minutes of Stairmaster and drove back home where I made myself fish with quark and sweet potato fries because I was starving.

Other than that, my day wasn’t too exciting, which I didn’t mind at all so I just relaxed at home along with my mom. I was quite tired the whole day but somehow couldn’t fall asleep until 1.

a full day of Karneval activities

I woke up a little after eight, which was no surprise, but ended up staying in bed the whole morning, noon and early afternoon because I’m just not the biggest Karneval person like I said before. The only reason I left it was to get some Eierkrapfen for my mom but I went straight to bed when I got back home. At around 2:30, my grandma and a friend of hers came over and we went out to watch the carnival procession and have dinner afterward.

We went to a Pizzeria and I got my beloved pizza Hawaii, which side are you on?

After dinner, my boyfriend came over and we didn’t know whether or not we should go out but since all our friends went, we decided to go out as well, even if it’s not for long.

Are you as excited about the revival of my fitness category as I am? 


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