Natural Cold Remedies

About two weeks ago, I told my mom how happy I was that I got spared from the outbreak of the common cold this winter. The last time I felt so – actually even more – sick was in September last year and I honestly thought and hoped it wouldn’t get to me anymore.
However, I woke up feeling sick on last Monday morning and the feeling lasted through the whole entire week, sometimes more and sometimes less. Today, on Sunday, I’m actually feeling somewhat fit again.

I’m not someone to take medicine for everything. I’d rather “suffer” a little bit more than take harsh medicine most of the times. There’s just something about taking pills that really throws me off. Since there is not much I have to say about this week activity-wise, I decided not to post a Weekly Update today but instead show you what I did to get fit again (and this blog post literally contains everything I’ve done all week anyway).

Ginger Tea with Honey & Lemon

Definitely my favorite drink of the week: ginger tea – but we’re talking about tea made of the actual root here. Ginger is known for its several health benefits and is super inexpensive.
Just peel a bit of the ginger, cut it into small pieces, pour boiling water over it and wait about 15 minutes until you put the honey in – also leave the ginger pieces in – as the hot temperature (anything above 40°C) would destroy the enzymes which make the honey so healthy. I sometimes like to add fresh lemon juice to it as well.
I also eat the ginger pieces after I finish drinking, but I like to take my time as they can still be super spicy, depending on how long it took to drink the tea.


There were days where I had a liquid intake of about 5 liters through soup, water, tea etc. it’s in no way necessary to be that hydrated but make sure to drink enough, meaning about 2 to 2,5 liters of water at least.


I’ll post a more in-depth blog post about my nutrition in the next time but for me, eating healthy – also forcing myself to eat when I don’t have appetite – is essential to recovery. I made myself a fresh smoothie almost every day and added some extra greens & vegetables to my meals in past week because it’s so important for me to get my micronutrients (vitamins & minerals) in, especially when I’m sick I want to make sure I provide my body with everything it needs.

Fresh Air

Whenever I’m sick but don’t feel like laying in bed all day, I grab my whole winter attire and go for a walk. Getting fresh air and a bit of motion can work wonders on your mood and makes you feel more awake and refreshed.
If you don’t feel like leaving your house, which is totally okay, airing out your rooms is also an option.


For some reason, this is the hardest for me to do. Sure, laying in bed or on the couch all day isn’t bad but I hate the thought of wasting my time and I usually really miss going to the gym after the first two days of being sick already.
The best way to rest is to sleep of course but since I already get so much sleep at night when I’m sick (9 to 10 hours), it’s not possible for me to sleep during the day. However, I still love to grab a book or turn on my MacBook to work on blog posts, scroll through Instagram or just watch Netflix or YouTube videos to get inspired.

Fun fact: I always get so creative and motivated whenever I’m sick. I always think of so many photo ideas, meal ideas and also get so motivated to try new workout moves or exercises.

I know there was nothing groundbreaking mentioned in this post but these are some simple things you can do to help your body recover from a cold because often, the right nutrition and a little rest can go a long way.
Since I’m not a doctor, make sure to see one if you’re not sure whether you only have a “harmless” cold or something more serious and don’t be afraid to use harsh medicine if necessary.


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  1. Swantje says:

    Lovely post <3
    Fresh air is the best way to calm down 🙂


  2. tahirh says:

    Your article came at a very crucial time. Suffering from cold and have tried few medicines but no use. Going to try something natural remedies as mentioned by you.

  3. Norbi says:

    Ginger tea with honey and lemon is the best 😛

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