Weekly Update 9/2018

baking the healthy way

Since my birthday was on Friday, March 2nd, I test-baked healthy muffins I found online and they turned out pretty good. They are full of healthy ingredients and taste amazing. 😍

I’ll post the recipe on the blog soon!

Besides, my Monday consisted of visiting and chatting with my grandma, online shopping, working out and cleaning the apartment.

quality time with my girls

I started the day off with an upper body workout before meeting some of my friends to say goodbye to our friend Jasmin, who’s leaving us for half a year.


Since Wednesday was my rest day, I had no reason to wake up particularly early but I still woke up at 8 and spent the day cleaning my room and some other parts of the apartment so I won’t have that much work on Thursday. Apart from that, I worked in the evening and did nothing exciting really.

leg day

I’m so into trying new exercises and moves at the moment and I found so many new ones that I don’t want to miss anymore in the past weeks. I’m thinking about doing a more detailed post about my workouts in the future, let me know what you think!
On Friday, I did kettlebell squats for the first time in half a year again and I really felt it. I also made Romanian deadlifts a part of my regular workout routine because I love doing them so much.

When I got home from the gym, ate and showered, my mom and I continued preparing the apartment for my birthday celebration with my family.
My boyfriend came over in the evening and we ended the day by watching Planet Earth.

my birthday

I can’t believe I turned 19 already!

I remember when I was around 11, I thought I’d be a pop sensation by the age of 16 but I probably just watched Hannah Montana way too much (thanks Disney for the high expectations 😂). 8 years later I have a blog and got accepted to university to study business administration, I think it could be worse.

My boyfriend slept over at mine but he had to work at 8 so we didn’t sleep very long as we obviously stayed up past midnight but that didn’t stop me.
I got up early as well and prepared our dinner for the celebration, baked the muffins I test-baked on Monday and also went to the gym.

When I got home I speed-showered and put makeup on because we didn’t have much time until the first guests came and then we drank some coffee, champagne and ate cake as well as my muffins.

For dinner, we made pasta salad with tomatoes, mozzarella, rocket & basil and served it with bread and cheese platters. 🤤
When all the guests were gone, we watched The Incredibles, my favorite childhood movie but also fell asleep quite early.

back to work

This time I was the one who had to get up for work. I left at 11 and came home at 20:30 so working really was all I did.

the lazy day

Well, only partly because I worked out at noon but did nothing else really besides cooking & working on blog posts. I did donkey kicks on the smith machine for the first time in what feels like centuries and they literally kicked my ass and I also tried a new exercise: lateral leg raise on the cable machine and they’re also so much more intense than they look.

I made myself the most delicious lunch from scratch with many leftovers we had: rocket salad with tomatoes, mozzarella & basil with rice and cod. 🤤


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  1. Amely Rose says:

    Happy belated birthday hun!
    Such amazing updates and the healthy muffins look so tasty. Lovely one.

    take a look at my BLOG and also INSTAGRAM

  2. ally shiny says:

    great post! love weekly updates!

    xoxo ally
    [ allyshiny.blogspot.de ]

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