10 Healthy Habits to Adapt

I have become so much more conscious of my health in the past months. Before, I already lived healthier than probably 90% of people my age, but I was more focused on the looks rather than the actual feeling. I still cared about what I did to and put into my body but not as much as I do right now.
Over time, I learned about and also adapted to healthy habits I’ve seen on others or developed them myself. In this post, I’m showing you which habits I’m talking about and also how to make it easier to adapt to them.

I’m that type of person who always has to carry a water bottle, no matter if I’m leaving the house for 5 minutes or 5 hours.
Drinking water is essential. 1 – 2 liters are considered a sufficient amount of water but I strive for at least 3 liters of water a day. 1,5-liter water bottles are very helpful when it comes to keeping track of your water intake. I also prefer non-carbonated water to carbonated water as it’s easier to drink a lot of.

I not only like to carry a water bottle wherever I go, I also like to bring snacks like nuts, bars, fruits or veggies with me, however, I don’t always do and they sometimes don’t fill me up as long as I’d like them to.
Finding healthy snacks on the go isn’t always easy. For many, cooking healthy meals isn’t hard but they often fail when it comes to snacking, especially on the go.
Even though the word “healthy” sounds so boring and restricting, it’s really not if you know where to look.
I always get so excited when I find healthy snacks in stores, mainly in drugstores or organic supermarkets and I always want to try them all.¬†ūü§§
Honestly, if there is something like the Super Toy Club but with healthy food, please sign me up.

What I look out for when choosing snacks:

  1. Is it made entirely of natural ingredients?
  2. Are the ingredients organic?
  3. Does it contain added (refined) sugar or (artificial) flavors?

Some products¬†contain added natural sweeteners like agave syrup, honey, maple syrup or coconut sugar or are naturally high in fructose (especially date-based snacks), which I don’t mind as long as the product is not excessively stuffed with them. The only sweetener¬†I really try to avoid in foods & drinks is refined sugar and besides that, I try to avoid added flavors, especially artificial flavors.

I’m going more into detail on my diet in a future blog post.

Oil pulling detoxes your body, whitens your teeth and has many more benefits on your oral and dental health. I do this first thing in the morning – even before drinking something – and take a tablespoon of organic, native coconut oil, let it melt in my mouth and leave it there for 20 minutes while pulling it from one side to another. You can easily incorporate this into your morning routine. I like to oil pull while showering or while doing my makeup.

If you want to know more about the chemical process of oil pulling, I highly suggest you to google and read about it.

Most body- or face lotions¬†are filled with chemicals, alcohols, and perfumes which aren’t good for your skin and body at all. Some claim to contain nutritious oils but instead of using these lotions, why don’t you go for just the actual oil instead?
There surely are amazing lotions out there but they’re not that easy to find. If you don’t want to spend hours and hours looking for the right lotion, just use a natural oil on your face & body.
I use coconut oil for this as well as it’s antibacterial, wound-healing, very nutritious and moisturizing. This makes it perfect for people who suffer from skin problems like pimples, pigmentation marks, dry skin or dark under eyes.

Stretching is so important. I was the most unflexible person I know for the past years but I started stretching regularly about two months ago and my flexibility has improved so much since then! I didn’t think I’d see such big improvements in such a short time myself but I won’t complain.
Being flexible affects our lives more than we think, it improves our posture, prevents muscle injuries and last but not least helps you perform exercises & movements better, for example in the gym or just in your everyday life.

I stretch for about 30 minutes every day and I love that you can do it while watching tv/Netflix or listening to a podcast/audiobook, so you won’t need extra time and incorporate them easily into your evening activities.

Reading is amazing. I don’t know about you but I’m that type of person that has a hard time zoning out while watching a movie or a show. I can count the times I did on one hand¬†because I always get so distracted by my phone and I get bored really fast.
Reading, on the contrary, really helps me zone out, relax and focus on just the words printed on the pages and absorb them completely. Which is why I’d much rather spend my whole evening reading than watching tv. I’m not too much of a novel-reader, I prefer motivational books about life and experiences but if I do find a novel with a deep meaning, I won’t hesitate reading it as well. Any recommendations are welcomed, by the way!

Or, to put it in better words: watching the right things. I love watching documentaries or the news because they contribute to my education. Even though I sometimes watch shows or movies when I’m sick, I don’t like watching them on the daily¬†basis because it just feels like a waste of time to me.
Over time I realized that most of the people who complain about having little to no time are the ones who insist on watching tv every evening, even if they’re just watching whatever. Can you imagine how much more time we have to do productive things (cleaning, reading, studying, working out, meal prep etc.) if we don’t lay on the couch all evening¬†watching something we aren’t even interested in? The answer is: a lot.

Who doesn’t love the feeling of a clean, dust free room? Being in a clean environment helps me be more productive and makes me happier. For me, the best time to clean my room is either in the morning right after breakfast or in the evening right before going to bed to either start my day knowing that my room is clean and ready for me to get things done (I do so mainly on the weekends) or to go to bed in a clean environment knowing I won’t have to do it the next day (for example when I have to be at university early or work early the next day).

Being surrounded by life does not only contribute to your emotional health, adding plants to your room also contributes to your overall health as they increase the oxygen levels in your room, remove toxins from the air and generally make you feel much more energized.

Sleep is so important. I’m someone who doesn’t need a ton of sleep but I definitely need my 6-7 hours a day in order to function properly. When I was in high school, I would rarely stay up longer than 10 pm so I got my 7-8 hours of sleep every night. As of now, I can’t imagine going to bed at 10 but I strive for 11 or 12 am at the latest, especially because I don’t want to have a messed up sleeping pattern in the first weeks of university already.

Luckily, I’m the biggest morning person I know. You’d be surprised how much more time there seems to be in a day and how much more you’ll get done if you wake up at 7 instead of 10.
Generally, there are so many benefits to waking up early: being able to have a proper breakfast, being less stressed as you’re not in a hurry immediately and having more time for reading some motivational lines, meditating or working out and you won’t even have to give up sleeping hours if you go to bed early.
If you have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning, I suggest turning off the snooze function of your alarm/phone. As for me, I’ve never used it in the first place but that way I know that once my alarm goes off, I have to get up right away in order to prevent myself from falling asleep again.


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